Need a bit of a mid-week pick me up? Want to meet some new people or spend more time in Hitchin?

Socialise With Us.

So last month was a wash out, but we won't be beaten. This month we're going to be giving games in the park another try.

Come along and join us:

Walsworth Common
(See map below)

7:15pm Tuesday 25th July

We'll be playing various games but if you're not feeling sporty don't worry there are always plenty of people sat around to chat to. There are a couple of car parks along Woolgrove Road that you can use.

If you have any ideas for future socials or want to find out any other details send us an email to

Come Along.

Whether you've been to any of our events before or if you're totally new, our socials are a great place to come along and get to know everyone at The Hub Church a little better.

If you've got any ideas for socials or want more information drop us a text, tweet or email.