Want to be a member? Let's try and explain what that means.

What is Membership?

Membership is in many ways an informal process, however if you want to commit more to The Hub Church please contact us and we'd love to talk about this over a coffee.

This is what being a member of The Hub Church looks like:

The Hub Church Hitchin - Play
What Members Do.

There are 5 things that we think it is important for members of The Hub Church to do, not to say this is all we do but they are important to us.

The Hub Church Hitchin - Gather


Ensuring you attend as many of our events as you can.

The Hub Church Hitchin - Go Small

Go Small.

This looks different for everyone but it might involve having a mentor or accountability partner or being part of a mini hub.

The Hub Church Hitchin - Give


If you were invited for dinner at a friends house, they wouldn't expect you to pay for it at the end of the night. We are a family and we want all the guests at our home to feel welcome. Therefore members of our church are expected to give financially to allow us to continue to love Hitchin.

The Hub Church Hitchin - Serve


Again we want guests to feel welcome at our events and not have to lift a finger, so we need you to do the work. Chat to us about how you can help out at The Hub Church.

The Hub Church Hitchin - Pray


Prayer must underpin everything we do, as members we are committed to praying for the church and our leaders.